English from Zero to Hero by Lily Patrascu

From Zero To Hero 150 Strategies To Learn English Fast!

The first question you need to be asking yourself is what your level of English is. It is essential that you speak at least an intermediate level of English in order to get a well –paid job. London is very competitive. The very best people of every field work in London; London has a lot to offer, from really high rewards to the lowest paid jobs that allow you to just get by from day to day. I think that it is essential for you to know exactly where you stand. That is why Purple Stone Academy is offering an assessment test whenever you sign up for our Accelerated Learning English Courses.

The second question you need to ask yourself is: what exactly is the state of my finances?
How is that relevant? Well, in case you manage your finances well and you take the time to improve your English for one month in our school you will be much better equipped for finding a better job at the end of the course, especially since we also offer a free one –hour consultation about how to find your first job in London.
In case you really have no funds whatsoever to help you improve your English, you could use alternative measures that will be more broadly discussed in the next chapter, such as: you could choose to find some free resources by registering for free at your neighbouring public library (by using your proof of address and your photo). You may also use free audiobooks that you can download on your phone or ipod for a set time from the library.
Another incredibly useful resource I have been using for a while has been the application Audible which you can download from the App Store. It has amazing resources that you can listen to again and again and that you can use to improve your English.
Other alternative sources that you could use in the mean time could be using the free resources that you can find online. For instance we have set up a blog on our website www.purplestoneacademy.com, which has incredibly useful techniques for improving your reading, speaking, listening and writing.
You may also use the free government Skills for Life scheme whereby you can learn English for free or at a reduced cost. You can also do lots of other simple things to give you an advantage in comparison to other candidates.

  • Why You Need A Plan To Learn Fast
  • Why You Need To Use Accelerated Learning Techniques
  • How To Improve Your Vocabulary
  • How To Improve Your Spelling
  • How To Improve Your Reading
  • How To Improve Your Comprehension
  • How To Learn Grammar
  • How To Improve Your Speaking
  • How To Improve Your Listening
  • How To Improve Your Writing
  • How To Learn Using Your Preferred Learning Style
  • How To Learn Using Auditory Aids
  • How To Learn Using Kinesthetic Methods
  • How To Maximise Everything You Have Learnt So Far
  • How To Improve Your Cultural Understanding of Your New Country